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tv   Today  NBC  November 6, 2015 7:00am-10:00am CST

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ready to announce new measures for some flights heading into this country as investigators in egypt comb the wreckage. winding down the field. chris christie and mike huckabee cut from the main stage at the next republican debate as jeb bush is caught in the middle after a bombshell book has the first president bush criticizing his son's advisers. >> i think my dad, like a lot of people that loved george, wanted to try to create a different narrative. >> the latest on that. and donald trump gets ready for his controversial appearance on "snl." hot and cold, a sharp contrast in temperatures dividing the country. winter-like out west, summer-like in the east. expect to be 75 here in new york city on the very day the rockefeller center christmas tree arrives. and aloha. al has made his way to hawaii to check off the first of all 50 states on his epic rokerthon 2 adventure today, friday, november 6th, 2015.
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this the "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. we've got willie in for matt. kind of the middle of the night for al but still has his hawaiian moves down. he is ready for rokerthon 2. >> always looks good in a hawaiian shirt. we know that about al roker. i would say i'm jealous of the weather out there, but it's 75 degrees today here in new york and across the east coast. >> we've got a little hawaii here this morning. more on that in a moment, but we'll begin with the newest fallout this morning over the downed russian plane in egypt. this is a crash that now has u.s. officials ready to make changes to security procedures here. we've got two reports for you this morning. let's start with nbc's tom costello. he covers aviation for us. tom, good morning. what can you tell us. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. as you know, the white house announced yesterday that in the wake of the metrojet crash it was reviewing security and
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airports for flights in bound. in total overseas 275 airports have agreements with how they work with the tsa and united states to enhance and ensure that the security is up and operational and in compliance with tsa regulations. what we're hearing is a handful of airports and those in the middle east will likely receive a mandate and/or a strong recommendation from the united states government, from the tsa, working in concert with the airlines and foreign governments that they need to be doing a bit more, stepping up security in the wake of what happened with metrojet. we're talking about enhanced random screenings, possibly enhances screenings of passengers, of luggage and cargo, and what the brits have been doing is especially interesting. the brits have been saying, especially to those passengers in sharm el sheikh, you can fly out but not your luggage on the same plane. i don't see that with the united states recommendations for the regions.
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posture. there's a possibility of more random screening, more swabbing of the hands, looking for any indications of explosive residues and more canine teams in the airports. nothing overt. mostly this is a deterrent to dissuade anyone who might be persuaded or enticed by isis and by that particular incident overseas. most of this effort will be focused on overseas airports, people flying to the united states. savannah? >> all right. tom costello, a lot of soul searching in the wake of that crash. >> and as investigation into that crash moves forward thousands of tourists left stranded in egypt for nearly a week are finally able to head home. correspondent bill neely has made his way to sharm el sheikh this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. many of the emergency flights to evacuate tourists from this airport have been suspended this morning, and egypt won't say why. but a clear rift is growing between britain and the u.s. on
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one side who think a bomb caused this crash and egypt and russia on the other who say it's too early to tell. 20,000 british tourists trying to get out, but there's a twist. british tourists are leaving, but it's hand baggage only. no checked bags, suggesting british officials fear a bomb was smuggled into the hold of the doomed russian plane at this airport, a suspicion the president shares. >> there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board, and we're taking that very seriously. >> reporter: this airport has been scrutinized closely. investigators questioning security workers and seizing video. egypt says this is one of the safest airports in the world, checked regularly by western experts who they say found no gaps in security this year and gave it the all clear. but british tourists say they paid $30 to a guard to avoid long lines and some security checks.
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through, you know, any scanner. >> reporter: fear is the russian plane was vulnerable to attack. the airbus was on the ground here for just an hour. in that time cleaners, caterers and baggage handlers were in it or beside it. police and maintenance crews had access to the plane with minimal checks, in pitch darkness before it took off, exploding around 20 minutes later. we still don't know the plane was bombed. photos from the ground show holes punched through the fuselage but from what? we still don't know what evidence there is of terrorism. intelligence officials picked up chatter from isis supporters suggesting an attack but only after it crashed. isis has claimed the attack twice. and facts on the ground are proving hard to find. now we should stress no hard evidence of a bomb has been
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found, and no one is ruling out the possibility that a technical fault caused this crash, but concern is growing, and the pressure on the investigators is growing, too. savannah? >> all right, bill neely, thank you so much. meantime, a lot of developments in politics this morning. republican candidates chris christie and mike huckabee bumped from the main stage at next debate as front-runner ben carson is facing some new scrutiny this morning and donald trump courts more controversy. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is across the street outside 30 rock where trump is set to host "snl" tomorrow night. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. this tomorrow night is where the campaigns meet comedy, and in this case controversy as well. there's already a protest rally scheduled ahead of trump's appearance tomorrow night, trump becoming the latest in a long line of presidential candidates to take their turn on the stage in studio 8h even though two more republicans have been
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demoted from the main debate stage. >> he said i could be his running mate. >> cecily, did you hear i'm trump's vp. >> i'm just shopping around. >> reporter: after "saturday night live" the next gop showdown is tuesday's debate where the official primetime lineup is getting smaller, down to eight. front-runners ben carson and trump are still center stage, but this time mike huckabee and chris christie missed the cut. exiled to the earlier undercard debate. christie feisty on stage last week. >> and we're talking about fantasy football? can we stop. >> reporter: now tweeting it doesn't matter the stage. give me a podium, and i'll be there to talk about real issues. meanwhile, carson is coming under new scrutiny for views of history defending these past comments on the pyramids of egypt. >> my own personal theory is that joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain. >> reporter: in fact, historians say egyptians built the pyramids as tombs for the pharaohs. carson defending his 17-year-old claim with nbc's chris jansing. >> i think that's a possible explanation to how they got built. >> reporter: scientifically plausible?
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it's a personal belief because i happen to believe a lot of things that you might not believe because i believe in the bible. >> reporter: from the pharaohs to the founding fathers in a facebook post wednesday, carson defend his lack of political experience claiming every signer of the declaration of independence had no elected office experience. not true. thomas jefferson, john adams and ben franklin, among others, been elected to colonial assemblies. carson's complain later revising the post to say the signers had no federal office experience, and new this morning carson is targeting young voters, launching a radio ad complete with a rap. >> freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. >> if we want to get america back on track, we gotta vote ben carson a matter of fact. >> reporter: as for that protest rally tomorrow night, it's being held by latino groups still angry about donald trump's comments about undocumented mexican immigrants. they are going to start tomorrow night at trump towers several
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blocks away before marching right here to 30 rock. savannah and willie, back to you. >> all right. peter alexander across the street from us, thank you. another republican hopeful, jeb bush, is having to answer new questions this morning about his brother's presidency, this in the wake of former president george h.w. bush with surprising criticism in a new book of the men who advised his son. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on this. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. well, just as jeb bush is trying to reboot his struggling presidential campaign, he has to explain his father's startling new comments about his brother george w. bush's white house, exposing a family rift after decades of silence. more fallout this morning after george h.w. bush's stunning candor, telling his biographer jon meacham that his son, the president, got bad advice from his most trusted advisers. in the book bush 41 calls secretary donald rumsfeld an arrogant fellow and rumsfeld
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bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges bush 43, who i found made his own decisions. >> well, that's very regrettable to say something like that. one thing about bush 41 is as time passes we appreciate him more and more. >> reporter: two have a history. asked in a 2013 documentary whether it was dick cheney who brought him into the second bush administration -- >> i don't think george w. bush's father recommended him. >> reporter: and in the new biography "destiny in power" the elder bush didn't spare criticism for his own secretary of defense including dick cheney an iron blank. >> had much worse said about me. >> reporter: cheney on fox even recommended the book. >> i saw my role as being as tough and aggressive as needed to be to carry out the president's policy. >> reporter: george w. bush in a statement said i am proud to have served with dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. >> my brother is a big boy. >> reporter: caught in the middle, jeb bush, trying to
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become the third bush president, telling nbc's kasie hunt. >> a lot of people who love george want to create a different narrative. george would say this is -- this was under my watch. i was commander in chief. >> reporter: now, although rumsfeld said that the elder bush's comments were because of his advancing years, in fact he made those comments years and years ago, repeated them and then only recently when the author jon meacham came to him and asked him if he wanted to elaborate, he said, no, he wouldn't change a thing. willie and savannah. >> family dynamics playing out on a presidential stage. andrea, thank you. to the democrats now, three of the white house hopefuls will take the stage in south carolina, front-runner hillary clinton change bernie sanders and martin o'malley for a presidential forum on msnbc and last night clinton made another stop on the late night talk show circuit sitting down with jimmy kimmel and she said if she had to face her husband bill clinton
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in an election guess what, she would come out on top. >> i think you've got to the have that kind of confidence if you in this arena trying to be president so if i were going to yeah. >> wow. >> secretary clinton says that if she becomes president she's sure not title bill would have. she suggested first dude, first mate or perhaps first gentleman. competitive. you think they might talk about that over dinner to explain why he would beat her state to state. >> could be a long weekend for them. now to some more stunning developments in this case we've been following. the illinois police officer who staged his own suicide to look like a police shooting. authorities now say he may have tried to hire someone to kill a local official. nbc's john yang is on top of all of the developments from fox lake illinois this morning. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. we're taking a look this morning at 264 pages of gliniewicz's personnel record.
7:13 am
inside, new details about troubling incidents from his 30-year career as a police officer. just when you thought you'd heard all the twists in the story of lieutenant charles j. gliniewicz, more of the officer's murky past is surfacing this morning, new details from gliniewicz's personnel file obtained thursday night listing numerous complaints fellow officers made against him, including inappropriate sexual behavior, using his squad car for a family vacation, and letting members of the explorers youth program operate department vehicles, but authorities say it was a series of financial misdeeds that led gliniewicz to take even more drastic steps. >> it's very unsettling. >> reporter: investigators say he may have wanted to rub out village administrator anne marrin. >> no surprise he would go to great lengths to keep his criminal activities secret.
7:14 am
>> the third party, she told us that it was for -- he had contacted her to reach out to motorcycle gang member for a hit. >> reporter: gang member denied any involvement, and investigators consider the matter closed. they say gliniewicz feared marrin was going to expose his seven-year looting of the youth police explorer program he ran. on august 31st gliniewicz texted she has now demanded a complete inventory of explorer central in a financial report. the next morning, marrin said, gliniewicz e-mailed her promising to provide her information by 1:00 p.m. instead at 8:09 a.m. fellow officers found him dead in what investigators now say it was a carefully staged suicide. >> send everybody you possibly can. officer is down. >> reporter: this morning the investigation deepens into a case some say has turned a hero
7:15 am
by the way, that youth program, it looks, will not be a victim of this incident. two officers have come forward to keep that youth program running. savannah, willie. >> a little bit of good news amidst all of this. john, through. thank you. >> all right. we sent al on his way in thursday. this morning he's officially in hawaii to officially launch rokerthon 2, marathon of all weather o'er, all 50 states in one we be. al, are you ready. are you gassed up? let's do this. >> i'm ready. we're at the royal hawaiian luxury resort. the royal hawaiian and it is beautiful here in waikiki. of course, we've got 50 states to go, and i'm telling you we are really jazzed to do it, but let's get you started.
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hawaii. boy, doesn't get any better than this, although it's going to be pretty nice where everybody else is in new york. look at those temperatures. going to get up into the 80s today, so that's pretty nice. however, as we go to the contiguous 48 states, look at difference. we've got frost and freeze warnings from california all the way into kansas. look at these temperatures. going to see these temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below average and then as you get into the east, look at high temperatures. getting up into the 70s, record breakers, but that front will move through and that's going to bring temperatures down on saturday and even colder on sunday. and we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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>> if you want to find out where we're coming to your state, check out, and you can also help donate. we're helping to feed the hungry. you can go at rokerthon and donate. so we are really excited about this, guys. we're just getting warmed up. back to you. >> al, we're excited for you.
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hawaiian shirt and the tiki torches, the stage is set. cannot wait. we're learning more about the young man in ohio missing for 13 years who inadvertently helped solve his own disappearance. nbc's stephanie gosk has the stef, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. julian hernandez's mother for that period of time never gave up hope, even as hundreds of disappointment after disappointment. now mother and son have a chance to start making up for a lot of lost time. julian hernandez was on a missing children's list for more than a decade. authorities guessing what he might look like. alabama investigators following every dead end lead. >> it was never close. it was a cold case. every time we got a tip, we followed up on it. followed up on it, and they didn't pan out. so the case was never closed. >> reporter: today his father bobby hernandez sits in an ohio jail, accused of abducting his own son. >> speculation at this time is that maybe that was bobby
7:19 am
hernandez who was calling in the tips to try to divert the investigation. >> reporter: julian disappeared in 2002 from his alabama home. his parents were unmarried, and his father quickly became a suspect. but father and son slipped away some 600 miles to cleveland and assumed false names. police say julian had no idea who he really was. >> 12, 13 years without knowing his own history. he was a victim of a crime and that someone was out there looking for him. >> reporter: a high school senior and good student, julian was applying to colleges when the prosecutor says he ran into problems with his social security number. school officials and the 18-year-old put the pieces together and discovered julian's true identity. bobby hernandez was arrested. >> i think he understands the gravity of the situation, and i think he'll fully cooperate to resolve it the best way we can. >> reporter: a spokesperson for
7:20 am
julian's mother writes in a statement our family was overjoyed this week to locate julian and learn that he is safe. the alabama prosecutor says mother and son have spoken, planning the next steps before a long-awaited reunion. a month ago a user believed to be julian hernandez posted a note on reddit asking for help solving his own disappearance. he said his father asked multiple times during his childhood if he would still love him if he discovered he committed a serious crime. the user wrote that he still loves his father. guys, nbc has not been able to independently verify that post. >> an incredible story, imagine solving your own disappearance. >> and imagine the shock of finding out as well. >> emotionally the complication. >> stef, thank you so much. in other news this morning a terminally ill "star wars" fan whose dying wish was to see the upcoming new movie had his
7:21 am
32-year-old daniel fleetwood cancer and worried he wouldn't see "the force awakens" that comes out next month. his wife ashley started a social media campaign and even mark hamill was showing the support and on facebook it was announced his wish was grant the. j.j. abrams let them watch an unedited version of the movie at their home and fleetwood thanked, quote, all the amazing people that made that happen. what a great gift. >> amaze. coming up, john ramsey opening up about the headline making murder of his daughter jonbenet. his regret and the scrutiny the family has faced for two decades. and in rossen reports, dogs solving disturbing cases sniffing out hidden electronics
7:22 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
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police are searching for whoever shot a man in des moines last night.
7:26 am
it happened at a home in the 31 hundred block of cambridge street... around 9 p-m. when officers arrived they found a man inside the home with a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital... and is expected to recover. police think it was an isolated incident... and the public is danger. who fired shots into a des moines home. block of filmore street... around 1-45 a-m. police say a vehicle drove by of the home. officers canvassed the area... and found several shell casings in the alley. no word on a vehicle description
7:27 am
7:30 on this friday morning,
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we may just set a record here in new york. rokerthon, it is not just you. we're going to hit the upper 70s and it still looks a lot like christmas because there she is. is the tree a she? >> sure. >> the rockefeller christmas tree on her way. we'll welcome her to the plaza coming up in just a few moments. >> she's a beauty again this year. that's for sure. >> absolutely. >> having any trouble getting into the christmas spirit because it's 75 degrees outside? >> also because it's november 6th. >> yes. >> we'll meet the tree in just a few minutes and first a quick check of the headlines. in the wake of the downed russian plane heightened security measures will be taking place. police thoroughly inspecting every vehicle before it enters the property. the democratic presidential candidates are heading to south carolina tonight. you can see that forum on msnbc, and we've learned that next week's primetime republican
7:29 am
candidates. chris christie and mike huckabee both failed to make the cut for the main debate stage. and severe weather ripped through parts of the south on thursday. this was the scene in fort worth, texas, as a suspected tornado ripped the roof off of a building. wow, quite an image there. we'll start this half hour with a case that's fascinated the country for 19 years, the murder of jonbenet ramsey. her father is now speaking out about the difficult allegations he and his family faced through the years. nbc's jacob rascon reports. >> reporter: found strangled in the basement in her family's home in boulder, colorado a day after christmas jonbenet ramsey's murder would become an obsession for two decades. speculation surrounding her parents, john and patsy. >> i did not kill my daughter jonbenet. >> i did not have anything to do with it. >> reporter: even their 9-year-old son burke became the
7:30 am
in an interview on barbara walters presents "american scandals" this week john ramsey opened up about how he tried to protect burke. >> friends would say how could we help and the next time you go in the supermarket and when you see our child's cover on the front page ask them to remove it. a lot of them did that >> reporter: investigation into the murder is no longer active, the ramsey parents cleared in 2008 but that was a mistake selling said the current district attorney. the ramsey case is very compromised. the exoneration gave the impression that the evidence was clear and unequivocal which it is not. jonbenet's dad said the real killer is out there somewhere. >> out there dead or in prison. >> reporter: the family would never been the same and jonbenet ramsey's death. john moved his family and quit his job. burke has never spoken publicly about the case and patsy died in 2006 from ovarian cancer. now buried next to her daughter. looking back, john says, he has his regrets.
7:31 am
happens in your life, put your life in park and give your checkbook to a trusted friend. avoid making any big decisions. >> reporter: jonbenet would have been 25 year this, and her story lives on as long as her unspeakable murder remains unsolved. for "today," jacob rascon, nbc news, los angeles. >> we're just talking, it's amazing almost two decades later and we still don't have a clear answer on what happened. fascinated by that case for sure. let us check in with al in hawaii this morning, first step on his epic rokerthon adventure. al, aloha. >> aloha, guys. and, boy, did i get a royal hawaiian welcome yesterday when i arrived. i mean, my gosh. i couldn't have been greeted any more royally, although they did go a little crazy with the leis, go big or go home and that's
7:32 am
what we like to say in hawaii. actually they don't say that. i say that. not a lot of fun in texas where we showed you the video where severe weather happened. there's more on the way, unfortunately. take a look this. strong cold front is going to be pushing east, and as it does it is going to be bringing in possibly heavy storms from nashville, tennessee to shreveport, louisiana between now and tomorrow. rainfall rates per hour of 1 to 2 inches and heaviest rain from southeastern texas into northwestern georgia, and some folks could see up to 3 to 4 inches of rain. we're here at royal mai-tai bar. my friend, it's noon time somewhere. what do you have for me? >> a royal hawaiian mai-tai, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, an umbrella drink is always a good thing. >> al. >> mmm. that's what's going on around the country.
7:33 am
>> go ahead, al. no, no, do the around the country and your neck of the woods. >> that's what he's doing is around the country. >> that's what's going on around the country. did you guys have mai-tais. the country. here's what's happening in y . >> that's your latest weather. rokerthon continues. hey, are you available to come
7:34 am
>> let's go make some mai-tais. >> he's coming back to new york. >> we were just discussing amongst ourselves we're not entirely sure you're awake right now. >> or zoner. >> i'm awake, baby. oh, i'm awake. this right here is the breakfast of champions. >> it is. remember, 50 whole states you've got to get through. pace yourself. >> pace yourself, al. pace yourself. >> what 50 states, what do you mean? >> now, look at this. we've got tracker outside on our plaza for rokerthon 2, how many miles he's covered and if i'm reading it right he's almost at 5,000 miles. >> that explains everything. >> by the end of this roker is going to say i've been to all 52 states! all right. we'll check in with you in just a bit. >> all right, al. just ahead this morning, brace yourselves, we'll attempt what m.i.t. researchers say is the toughest tongue twister ever. >> all right, and next a fascinating new rossen reports. >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up, we've all seen the police dogs that can sniff out
7:35 am
drugs and bombs and this police dog bear is really unique. the special scent he can sniff out that's helping to put child predators behind bars. we're putting him to the test
7:36 am
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we're back at 7:42 on a balmy day in new york city. this morning on rossen reports police targeting child predators with an unexpected weapon. "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here to explain. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning to you. i had no idea, but our cameras, our computers, every piece of electronic equipment we have smells. we can't smell it, but there's a new team of specially trained dogs that can. police are now letting them loose on suspected child predators, searching their homes for hidden hard drives, child porn and the dogs are being used in several high-profile cases, so how do they do it, and can they really find everything? this morning you're about to see them in action. meet bear, a playful 2 1/2-year-old black ran, a rescue dog. >> that's a good boy. >> but he isn't just the family pet.
7:41 am
fighter, one of just four dogs in the country who can sniff out electronics. bear even helping to bring down subway pitch man jarred fogle. >> the search and jared's home included bringing in this canine. >> reporter: he found devices crime scene dekesitivity originally missed. fogle pled guilty to child porn charges and will be sentenced late they are month. how does this work? >> electronic devices emit a chemical signature or an odor. >> reporter: even when my personal laptop, for example, is off, you're saying it's still emitting an odor. >> it is. >> reporter: if i hid stuff inside this house, my ipad, laptop, they will find it. >> reporter: we're inside our house and all by ourselves. and i have a pile of electronic equipment including my personal laptop, my personal iphone, hard drive here, an ipat, a couple of sd cards. would you find this in your camera at home and also a thumb drive so let's start hiding things. we'll start here in the dining rook.
7:42 am
going to pick the rug up and put this card down right there. run up the stairs here, and i'm thinking we take this thumb drive and put it right under this couch cushion. i think we'll take this hard drive in the wall unit. how about right here, underneath all these games. okay. here's the laundry room, take my personal laptop and put it right between the washer and dryer. while i keep waiting for hiding places bear and his handler are waiting outside in an suv and have no idea where i am inside. bear loose. >> let's go to work. >> reporter: just steps in the front door he's already smelling around the dining room. come on. checking the curtains and the the rug. >> show me. bear lays down the signal he's found something and then he goes right for it. >> just found an sd card hidden unit net a carpet and now bear is bolting upstairs. he checks around the sofa,
7:43 am
cushion wagging his tail, a hit. >> wedged underneath the arm here. >> come here. but at book shelf bearets confuses. >> appears to be hitting on the actual sony playstation here. i'm not seeing anything else hidden there. >> reporter: and then ripping apart these board games. he's close and gets. >> in here is a u.s. b external hard drive. >> reporter: in the laundry room bear quickly uncovers my laptop and is now running to the bedroom where i hid even more. >> show me. >> reporter: incredibly he finds this sd card i hid inside the piano and find and ipad in the laundry basket. >> good boy. >> reporter: but there's still one item left. i hid my personal iphone. will he find, that too? >> wedged between the books here is a cell phone. >> reporter: all my electronics now in police custody. if i was a real suspect i'd be busted. >> this is critical, especially when you're talking the smaller
7:44 am
devices that a lot of search teams will actually miss so this is what we use to put bad guys in jail. >> reporter: bear really is incredible. it took about a year to train him how to do this, and police departments across the country, they are taking notice. there are dogs in training right now learning how to sniff out electronics, and they will be deployed nationwide. guys, these dogs could be coming to a police force near you. >> that is just amazing. >> so fascinating. >> always amaze what had these dogs can use. police departments use them and fire departments use them to catch arsonists, an incredible weapon in these crimes. >> who knew. >> exactly. >> very, very cool. >> jeff, thank you very much. coming up, do you sleep on it before making a major decision? why we're now hearing that might not be the best idea. >> okay. next, how you can join al on his record-setting rokerthon
7:45 am
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7:49 am
>> we're looking at it the like a map. >> are these fun bit emojis they created on the app, a free app and put in their characters that you can add to rokerthon so savannah you're going on a road trip and willie you're taking a little selfie in front of the sign and sheinelle you're under the umbrella and i put myself into all of them, and i want to know as we bring you to hawaii, have you mate an at bit moji with al and al. >> i already have my own bit-moji, so, yes, i have me with myself so it's very confusing. >> it is confusing, especially when it's 1 a.m. this. >> and i've had more than one mai-tai, and we're now at 2:00, almost at 3:00, 3:00 a.m. >> thought you were at three mai-tais. moving right along. >> all right, dylan, thank you. coming up, what make shelton
7:50 am
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7:54 am
an audit reveals a former state worker was overpaid and under qualified... it concerns a former lawyer for the "department of administrative services." ryan lamb left the job last year... after a scandal involving hush money given to employees with grievances. the report shows lamb pocketed about 22 thousand dollars more than he should have... it also shows he didn't meet the experience requirements for the position in the first place. the state of iowa is giving
7:55 am
"kraft heinz." it'll go towards a new food davenport. "kraft heinz" is in the process of closing its current plant in the same city. about 14 hundred people work there... and the new plant will only employ about a third of them. the layoffs will likely begin next year. the company is also in line for another
7:56 am
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7:57 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, sleep on it? does taking the night to think about a problem actually lead to
7:58 am
the surprising new research. and happy birthday, wrangler. our puppy with a purpose is turning 1. we'll celebrate and look back on his exciting first year. plus, getting in the holiday spirit. the magnificent rockefeller center christmas tree arrives on our plaza today, friday, november 6th, 2015. >> we came to see wrongler for his birthday. birthday. have a great day. >> tucson loves you. >> left the kids at home. >> first trip to new york! >> you all right, savannah? >> it is 8:00 on "today." we are doing something we do every year, and it's fun every
7:59 am
time. we're rolling in with this year's rockefeller center christmas tree. >> this tradition never gets old, does it? we ring in the holiday season, and santa is on our sleigh with us this morning, and in honor of rokerthon and these unseasonably warm temperatures you're dressed for hawaii. >> aloha, new york. >> that's the way to bring in a christmas tree. >> santa is here. we've got the tree, this is from gardner, new york. eventually this tree will be right here on the platza where we're pulling in. l.e.d. lights. >> more stats for you, a norway spruce, 78 feet tall. it weighs ten tons and it will have the beautiful swarovski star up top as it has for years. >> and millions of people surrounding the tree during the holiday season. >> and one giant christmas tree stand that willie has gotten out of the closet. >> keep upstairs for all season
8:00 am
>> and as we roll in, a nice crowd here that we can wave to. [ cheers and applause ] >> we're just getting set and we'll send it over to sheinelle who has the news. we are see your head from this awesome vantage point. what's going on. u.s. officials are reviewing security at foreign airports as suspicion grows that a bomb placed in the cargo hold might have brought down a russian jet linener egypt last saturday. at the airport where the plane took off maintenance crews, caterers and baggage loaders all had access to the plane with minimal checks, and some british tourists say they paid $30 to a guard to avoid some security checks. on thursday president obama says he thinks there is a possibility that there was a bomb on board. so far no hard evidence has been found. >> a widespread sexting scandal involving a high school in
8:01 am
canyon city. students were taking and sending nude photos and trading them like baseball card. of the 1,000 kids attending the high school a third were involved, including half of the school's football team prompting canyon city to forfeit their final game of the season this season. a desperate attempt to save the life of a baby girl dying leukemia may have led british researchers to the next big breakthrough fighting cancer and nbc's keir simmons joins from us london with the details. keir, good morning. >> reporter: it's called genetic edit being and it will be controversial for some people but when doctors here at london's hospital faced a life-or-death situation, they tried it on a little girl with stunning results. just months ago baby leila was dying of acute lymphoblastic leukemia and doctors had given up and leila's parents did not. >> we want to know we tried everything for her. >> reporter: so doctors agreed to try out an experimental immunocell therapy which had never been used outside the lab. with special permission from the
8:02 am
british government and the hospital ethics committee, the result, astounding her parents. >> i took the gamble and this is her today standing, laughing, and i'm just thankful. it's a miracle. >> reporter: and her doctors elated. >> these cells appear to have worked incredibly well for her. it does mean we have a new weapon. >> reporter: in the body special cells called t-cell are designed to seek out and fight infection and cancer and they can't always recognize leukemia cells which are effectively hidden from them. using the new technology god genome editing they re-tweaked the genes of a t-cell so they would only reject the leukemia cells and not be rejected by lla's body. three months on she's free of cancer. >> we may need to do some proper studies to learn just how good they are. >> reporter: and while for baby leila's life's colorful adventures are just beginning. it's important to note it's way
8:03 am
too early that this could reverse cancer in all patients. you heard cancer saying leila is sheinelle. >> so encouraging. guys. thanks so much. coming up on trending forget saying it five times. can we do it even once. we'll attempt what some are difficult tongue twister. >> and you've been toying with us all morning. >> and on "pop start" gwen stefani and blake shelton's first appearance as a couple. >> and celebrating wrangler's first birthday. special day on the plaza for him and jus binge eating disorder, or b.e.d.,... ...isn't just overeating. it's a real medical condition. and while the exact cause is unknown... ...certain chemicals in the brain may play a role. b.e.d. is also the most... ...common eating disorder in us adults. hi, i'm monica seles. when i binged,... ...i wasn't in control. i never felt satisfied... matter what the quantity was. afterwards, i felt so upset with myself. to learn more about b.e.d....
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there are things we expect from a phone screen we expect it to be ridged. we expect it to be flat. we expect it to be fragile. but what if it wasn't? wouldn't that change what we expect from a phone? meet the new droid turbo 2. with moto shattershield technology. the world's first shatterproof screen. only on verizon. get up to $300 when you trade in your phone and buy the droid turbo 2. we are back. it is 8 nchlgtsd 10. time for what's trending today. fair to say we've all faced tough decisions in our life. >> certainly. >> problems and an issue you're thinking about and you'll say >> absolutely. >> i do all the time. >> do you think it works? >> i do. >> i do, too. >> we're all in agreement. >> research from harvard says we are wrong. once again experts found the
8:09 am
extra time in the only does help you with your decision can actually make deciding more quickler. research shows your first impression is usually the best one so the theory is don't sleep on it. >> you know in your heart before you go to bed what you're going to do and you wake up and feel refreshed and then confirm it. >> like a test, always go with the first answer. >> is that how you got through school? >> it works. >> if i sleep on it i wake up calm and make a centered decision. >> you're stinl channeling pharrell. >> harvard disagrees, sheinelle jones. video of the day from a pair of frequent flyers, but they didn't want to fly on the plane. what you're looking at there is two guys scoring next to a daredevil? jet packs and cruised along a jumbo jet at 4,000 feet in the air and the city of dubai serving as a beautiful backdrop and part of a marketing campaign
8:10 am
for emirate airlines. >> second time in the week that we've shown cool footage that featured the emirates plane. it's a market stunt and they are doing their job. that looks amazing. >> and jet packs are a thing. feel like there's been several stories about jet packs. >> the future is here. >> would you ever get in one? >> i don't know. not too high. >> yeah, not too high. >> hover right here. >> exactly. >> she didn't even like being on that truck. that too high. do you know what sunday is? it's a national holiday. >> okay. >> it's actually an international holiday, international tongue twister day so to celebrate we want to know can you master what they are calling the world's toughest tongue twister, this according to some more experts who are >> these guys. >> here it is. it's not a sentence just a okay. who wants >> why don't you start this. >> say it fast. >> read it, okay. pad kid poured kurd pulled cod.
8:11 am
>> you didn't say it that fast. >> pat kid poured kurd -- >> pad -- pad kid poured kurd pulled cod. >> okay. i didn't think -- >> pad kid poured kurd pulled cod. >> how but? >> pad kid poured kurd pulled cod. >> how about this one. a box of biscuits, a box of mix the biscuits and a biscuit mixer. >> what? >> i can't remember that more than anything else, i don't even remember. >> when you say, dylan. >> do this one, you tested this on me in the makeup room. >> go ahead can you to toy boat three times face. >> toy boat, toy boat, toy boat. >> toy boat. >> can you do it? >> i blew it. boat. >> it's hard, right? >> it's tough. >> dylan, you try this last one. all you, dylan. >> i wish to wash my irish wrist watch. >> we found one, guys. >> she failed.
8:12 am
>> i risch to wash my irish wristwatch. >> we got her, we got her. >> we did. >> i posted more these at check them ow. the world has gone completely nuts over adele's new song "hello" but the next toddler has the best reaction. it happens fast so we'll play it twice. check it out hello >> hi. it's me hello >> it's me. >> that is adele's youngest fan, 1-year-old jilal melting our hearts and melding the internet. >> i'm in love with that little child, how cute. now to some big news from coldplay and are gwen and blake working together on a new song? start. >> isn't it hard to talk after you've been doing tongue twisters. first to coldplay. this morning the band released a brand new song from its upcoming album "a head full of dreams" and the song is called "adventure of a lifetime."
8:13 am
you're listening to it now, a real catchy song like all their songs. their seventh album but could it be the last. in an interview with the bbc chris martin said the way we look at it like the last harry potter book, not to say there might not be another one some day but this is the colleagues of something. >> whoa. have to go back and listen to all the other songs. anne hathaway, recently nominated for a people's choice award with other big names and chose to celebrate them all with a twist, an instagram high school photos of the other women in her category and favorite action movie actress. there's mel can a mccarthy in the top left, obviously sandra bullock, scarlet johansson and meryl streep all who look the same and i'm pretty sure that i have the sweatshirt that scarlett is wearing, my high school go too. and finally music's new it couple, news so big that carson had to take off. blake shelton and gwen stefani and word from "people" magazine
8:14 am
up on a new song. >> the rumors sent us all into a tailspin. >> i didn't know. >> i didn't think blake could get a girl as hot as gwen, to be honest. real didn't. he's a goofy cowboy and she eats queen of cool. >> there were signs. >> you're so dumb. >> like the flirting. >> you have extreme personality disorder where one minute -- >> that made my day. >> the pictures, the pda. all my love >> and then came the confirmation from both singers' both representatives, gwen's rep saying gwen and make are longtime friends who have very recently started date and now they are the most talked about duo around. >> i think everyone right now is just like huh, like, whoa. i think that's the main reaction and everyone is kind of letting play out. >> it can't be true because there's no way blake could ever score a girl like that. >> but it is true and we can't seem to get enough.
8:15 am
in headlines, on social media. >> let's get serious here. >> watching the romance play out on nbc's "the voice" where they both work together as coaches. >> gwen stefani. >> they were both recently involved in high-profile divorces, shelton from country superstar miranda lambert and stefani from lead singer of bush gavin rossdale and now leaning on each other for support. last month the queen of cool debuted a heard break ballad i used to love you >> and the cowboy of country singing all about the things he's gonna do in his new single. because i'm digging on hitting on you tonight >> and new reports say these two are working on a country ball lad together. >> i think gwen and blake are both going to get a ton more attention and there's a high curiosity factor and everyone is really, really curious to see what they are going to do next, how it will affect their music. >> and because this is what we do, people have been figuring
8:16 am
make's names like brangelina or bennifee how about -- >> it doesn't work. >> and now to al in hawaii for rokerthon 2. >> in our promo for rokerthon. we have the goat sweetheart and she's a goat. pounds. right now nine months. she's been trying to eat my shirt or this fantastic cake replica of the royal hawaiian. we have -- every place we go in every state we are going to plant the "today" show rokerthon flag so we're going to plant flag today in the cake. there it is, ready to go, and we've got some nice folks. you guys are from delaware, from rehoboth beach, very nice. there you go.
8:17 am
>> let's show you your weather for rehoboth and every place in between. we're looking at showers in the pacific northwest today. you can see along the radar we've got that wet weather along that front that's going to bring the big change to the east with temperatures awfully toasty today in the eastern half of the country. some record breaking temperatures and behind it much cooler weather and we've got frost and freeze warnings throughout the rookies and far
8:18 am
>> all right. well, every now and then the guys back in new york get my goat, but this is ridiculous. all right. we know this weekend you're waiting for just one day, that's right, the best day of the week, sunday night "football night in america." it's a good one. we've got the eagles taking on the cowboys. ooh, baby. it's a domed stadium but you're doing some tailgating in gorgeous weather. fair skies and temperatures nice and cool in the 50s. that's going to be a good one sunday night "football night in america." it's going to be baaaaaad. >> this "sunday night football"
8:19 am
mobile, only by verizon. >> all right, guys. back to you. here. we've got some really hot beef cake coming up. >> i can't believe you -- you're supposed to get loopy on the 48th state. >> so entertaining though. >> no, we're starting early, baby. >> rokerthon. >> wow. >> mai-tais and hot beef cake. >> where is he on to. >> the local goat he'll made friends with. >> no, this goes traveling with me, baby. >> all right. we'll see you in a minute if you're still standing. >> let's get back to that beautiful norway spruce and the focal point of the rockefeller plaza. >> craig melvin is here. >> good morning. the tree is already here. the tree didn't have to travel far, from gardner, new york,
8:20 am
and for the past 60 years it's been a unifying force for four family. everyone has a family tree and some more literal than others and that's certainly the case partner nancy. >> quite a history, you know. it's been in the family for years. >> we moved here in '57. i was 4, and my father used to trim the top of it. >> reporter: then just a 6 foot norway spruce, it was the centerpiece of the family front yard. >> snip the tree so it wouldn't fork out and divide up and it would get nice and high. years ago it was down to the ground and used to go down there and hide because it was pretty dense. >> reporter: his two sons, now grown men themselves, moved back on to the property where the mighty spruce served as a constant reminder of their childhood. did you climb it? >> always went in and out. >> all the sap all over our clothes. >> all my memory. you don't realize it's here and
8:21 am
such a big thing. >> reporter: as tree has grown, so has the family, and now their children play around it. >> i've had some good memories running around it and playing with it, hiding. >> reporter: you going to miss it? >> yeah. >> reporter: but 5-year-old abigail always saw more. >> it looks like a big christmas tree. >> reporter: as the the holidays came and went the decorations remained inside the house. never any lights in the tree? >> we thought about it but it was too big. >> reporter: big indeed, 78 feet tall, and now more than they can handle. >> kind of took over the whole yard, and so then i looked around and found out that rockefeller center might want the tree. >> reporter: their online submission caught the astep of the rockefeller center head gardener and now the massive evergreen that oversaw four generations. >> like watching over us. >> reporter: will soon become america's tree. >> i'll have to plant something else to watch over the grandkids. >> reporter: when you look up at
8:22 am
the tree, nancy, had a do you think? >> i'll miss it. it's beautiful. it's a really beautiful tree. i think it's perfect. >> reporter: and the grandkids? >> we're going to think that it's someone else's. >> that it used to be here. >> reporter: how will that make you feel? >> happy. >> a half million people will stop and advice thought tree and rockefeller plaza between now and the end of the year. we should also note that the family is going to show up, all here for the big rockefeller center tree-lighting in december. >> nice. >> a lot more viewers than up in gardner. >> yes, than the entire population. >> that's right. >> all dressed up soon. glad you mentioned the tree lighting. we'll do it again this year. it is december 2nd, matt, al, natalie and i will host. this is the christmas tree lighting. a lot of music and fun and, of course, our beautiful tree december 2nd right here on nbc. >> always a fun night. love it. >> good to see you. thanks, guys.
8:23 am
performance from sara ba 8:30 now. a very good morning. it's the 6th of november, 2015. plaza. it does not feel like the holiday season is upon us, but we know it is. we just rode in with the rockefeller center christmas tree. >> it is indeed. coming upping wrangler is turning 1, and we're getting ready to celebrate in a big way. >> we'll have a party for him. >> yes. >> multi-platinum grammy nominee sara bareilles is here with us. >> and matt sat down with the other bend men of "spectre." >> the movie was amazing. this movie is incredible. do we dare go back to al roker based on what we've seen so far. al is in hawaii for rokerthon 2.
8:24 am
hey, al. >> guys, i just want to, first of all, back here we've got hawaiian fire dancers, t.c. and bungi doing their thing. look at this. wow. you talk about a little heartburn, okay. oh, by the way, we've go the at trivia question. going to do each trivia for each state we're n.hawaii is the only state that grows and exports this. not this, but a crop that is fantastic with breakfast. we'll answer that on the other side. look at them go. whoa! yes! t.c., bungi, man, feel the fire here at royal hawaiian. let's see what is going on as far as the forecast is concerned.
8:25 am
a chance of rain and snow in anchorage so we'll be watching that. let's look at your weekend outlook. wet weather in the southeastern atlantic states and down into the gulf coast with heavy rain. heavy rain in the pacific northwest on saturday and plenty of sunshine in the plains. on sunday mountain snows in the pacific northwest with wet weather. wet weather confined to the southeast and the gulf coast. i should say parts of florida. sunshine through the northeast and windy in the plains. man, oh, yeah! t.c. and pungi. bam, that's what i'm talking about #rokerthon.
8:26 am
>> hey guys, don't forget go to to get the itinerary and to donate to feeding america. $1, they can provide 11 meals. we want to raise a lot of money to help feed the hungry in this country. wow, man. oh, by the way, guys, do you know what's the only thing that they grow here in hawaii and export, the only state in the union that they do that? >> based on your behavior this morning i have a few guesses, al, but go ahead and tell us. >> i think pineapple. >> coffee. >> that's what everybody thinks. >> hawaiian coffee. >> the goes great with breakfast too. >> good stuff. had a couple cups already. >> we've noticed. a thank you very much. tomorrow is a big day for our buddy wrangler.
8:27 am
>> we've partnered with guiding eyes to raise and socialize ranger until he's ready for formal guide dog training. excite excitement and add ventures and gotten a lot of treats. >> at 2 months old wrangler dashed on to our set and straight into our hearts. >> oh. >> wrangler quickly made himself at home hanging with celebrities in the original room. >> hi, honey. >> wrangler, gronk. and his many fans out on the plaza. >> we love you, wrangler! >> starring in super bowl commercials and even trying his hand at modeling. >> so chic, wrangler really wears it well. our puppy with a purpose has grown up right in front of our weighs weighing in at a whopping 60 pounds now. wrangler is almost fully frontal zone but never too big to play
8:28 am
but this dog's life isn't all play time and treats. with the help of his puppy raiser saxon eastman wrangler is putting in the hard work it takes to become a guide dog. >> down. >> learning new skills. >> such a good dog. >> and taking on new experiences and always rising to the occasion. his next big challenge, getting ready for a full-time guide dog training this spring. >> wrangler's doing really well, mastering all the basic skills at this point and he's working situations. i why high hopes for his future as a guide dog. >> such a cool year to look back upon. wrangler's birthday would not be complete without a message from his special friend. >> hey, wrangler, it's chrissie. i'm wishing you a happy, happy, happy 1st birthday. i follow your twitter and instagrams, miss you so much and i'm here in l.a. and watched you get so big and i miss cuddling
8:29 am
you're a big boy now and i can't wait to see you again when i visit new york. i'll see you soon. happy birthday. >> not bad, a birthday wish from chrissy teigen who loved wrangler so much she was actually in with him in his little house and three of wrangler's joining us from the same letter. we've got willis, wrigley and warner joining their brother wrangler this morning. >> so cute. i see the family resemblance. wrangler, without further adieu, happy birthday, buddy. here's your cake. >> a puppy cake. >> and his brothers get a slice, too. >> happy birthday, big guy. guiding eyes for the blind is launching the wrangler scholarship really cool. $50,000 to graduate a guide dog team and guiding eyes never charges people.
8:30 am
they are hoping to raise $400,000 by the end of the year so they can give eight people on dogs they deserve. for information on how to donate, text the word wrangler, w-r-a-n-g-l-e-r to 41444 or go to messaging and data rates may apply. also have the link at >> got all that. if you can't get enough of wrangler, a limited edition, get this, wrangler plush toy which dylan is modeling, it's going on sale today at the nbc store. >> for humans. >> so cute. >> and the net proceeds will if to guiding eyes for the blind to help support puppies like wrangler. >> so one more time, happy birthday, wrangler. >> the party has started. all right. coming up next, the men going toe to toe with daniel craig in the new bond movie "spectre,"
8:31 am
nbc. love that mousse in. back at 8:40, the highly anticipated new bond movie "spectre" is out today and everyone's favorite super spy is out to stop a secret organization led the by a miss tearious man and oo 7 has to deal with a new boss played by ralph fiennes. >> i feel like these are two suious, serious actors and so nice where the bond franchise is that it attracts actors of your caliber. don't you feel like a very serious actor? >> we're very serious. but there was a time when bond films were more frivolous, wouldn't you say, and now they are getting actors like you? >> i think he brings the smarts to it.
8:32 am
>> you were in "sky fall." this is your first bond movie. is this a situation where you weren't sure or is it where did i sign? >> i said seriously and thought, well, if ralph can do it i can do it. >> daniel craig is an experienced bond. >> he's on a different level of seriousness. >> he's got a lot of intensity to the role. i feel like he's given a new character to these films. >> it t should change with the actor, the character develops and evolves and the -- i always say the character doesn't have a choice. he needs to stick to his actor so, of course, you know, organically it changes into something new. >> see, that's just what a serious actor would say. that's what i mean. >> but daniel has grown in fact in this. he's already incredibly convincing, his physicality, sort of visceral commitment to
8:33 am
the part was really strong but in this film there's a lightness and some of the old bondian humor is back in there. >> i really liked that and appreciated that. by the way, not a small feat. you're playing "m." and people loved judi dench. >> you like judi. >> we love her. >> you more than fill her high heels. >> i wanted the high heels, and, in fact, in a couple of scenes. >> exactly. >> little teaser. >> that's where the seriousness really interferes. >> you plate villain in the film. >> you think? >> you're not going to try to tell me he's misunderstood and has multiple layers, right? he's mysterious and mean. >> that's all, you know, i should think a matter of interpretation, but -- but, yes, in this -- in this specific case i concede that it's the villain. i avoid the "v" word normally
8:34 am
villain and multi-layered, i should hope so. we all are whether we want to or not and it makes it a little more interesting and a little more serious. >> it is a little more serious. let's end where we began, gentlemen, great to be you, thank you so much. the movie is really fun. "spectre" out today in theaters and in imax. coming up next sara bareilles per forms live in studio, 1a if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again. in iowa, wind energy is already producing enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil and supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
8:35 am
grammy nominated singer/songwriter sara bareilles is out with a new album for an upcoming broadway show for which she wrote the music and lyrics. tickets are on sale now, by the way.
8:36 am
it's not simple to say most days i don't recognize me knott it's taken more than i gave them it's not easy to know i'm not anything like i used to be although it's true i was never attention sweet sensor i still remember that girl she's imperfect but she tries she is good but she lies
8:37 am
she is broken and won't ask for help she is messy but she's kind she is glowing most of the time she is also mixed up and picked in a beautiful pie she is gone but she used to be mine and it's not what i asked for sometimes life just slips in through a back door and carves out the person and makes you believe it's all true
8:38 am
and you're not what i asked for if i'm honest, i know i would give it all back for a chance to start over and rewrite an ending or two for the girl that i knew would be reckless, just enough who get hurt but who learns how to toughen up when she's bruised and gets used by a man who can't love and then she'll get stuck and be scared of the life that's inside her growing stronger each day till it finally reminds her to fight just a little to bring back the fire in her
8:39 am
that's been gone but it used to be mine used to be mine she is messy but she's kind time she is all of this mix up and baked in a beautiful pie she is gone, but she used to be mine
8:40 am
>> what a voice. sara bareilles, thank you. again the at bum is "what's inside, songs from waitress" and sara will be back a little later this morning with more music. up next, a remarkable story football and friendship that spans seven decades, but, first, this is "today" on nbc. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
8:41 am
we're back at 8:52. time for the ongoing series with the nfl "together we make football. ".
8:42 am
>> the such a great story. takes us back to world war ii and eight high school teammates from a school in south texas, graduated early and enlisted together in the marines. >> two, four, six, eight, they are all there. >> in 1943, eight teammates from tiny weslaco, texas, joined the marines and were shipped off to separate units in the pacific. while on leave, doc clerkler's chance encounter with his best friend harlan block led to a promise. >> he said, hey, would you do me a favor. i want you to give this wring to my mother, and he said i may not be coming back. >> harlon block is the marine kneeling in front as the stars and stripes are raised are over iwo jima in 1945.
8:43 am
was taken, he was killed in action. the memorial in arlington is not our country's only iwo jima monument. the original is here on the campus of the marine military academy next to the little town in south texas where doc and harlon played football. >> when the young men are on the football field, they can see that monument, and it represents to them the courage they should exhibit, the leadership, the example that they need to set for others. >> it's a reminder to us as football players and as cadets in the academy of what great things we're capable of. >> when he returned from the war, doc intended to keep his promise to harlon. >> his mother was my second mother. she kind of didn't want to talk
8:44 am
she said i do not want to be reminded. you better keep it. harlon was only the one of our group that got killed in that business. >> doc wore that ring every day to keep harlon's memory alive. in 2010 he donated it to the academy as a reminder that valor counts and friendship never dies. >> it's just amazing the bond that two people can have. >> a football team is a brotherhood. this ring kind of symbolizes that, too. they went through friday night lights and further on into the war. >> of the eight football players who enlisted together, doc is the last survivor. he was a high school principal. he's still married to his college sweetheart, and he stayed in south texas his entire life, never far from where his best friend rests in the shadow of the great monument.
8:45 am
>> harlon was my buddy. don't know why that i made it. sometimes you don't know how to feel. >> glen cleckler and his teammates originally picked up the recruiting flyer to use as a cover for skipping schools to go to the movies and the principal saw them with the flyer and accelerated their graduation so they could join us as soon as possible. a lifetime of friendship captured in a beautiful story. >> what an incredible story are and he's still here to tell us which is really special. >> representing that special group of eight men. and speaking of football in texas, catch the cowboys taking on the eagles sunday night right here on nbc. >> we've got a few moments left. are we going to check in with al do. we have the courage to check in with al? >> he's still standing. >> al, hi. >> we've had a great time here. we're going to be coming back at 9:00 here from the royal hawaiian and then this weekend we'll be in anchorage.
8:46 am
8:47 am
name a few states. this morning on "today's take" jania causeky is co-hosting with me and the man,
8:48 am
the myth james franco on his new film and other exciting projects and former "mad men" star john slattery back in the spotlight. all that and more coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rock flerg plaza. welcome to "today." it's friday morning, november the 6th, 2015. a balmy 70-something degrees here in new york city and in a large part of the country. i'm willie and i'm a little lonely. not going to lie to you. tamron and natalie are off doing god knows what and al is kicking off rokerthon in hawaii and only if i had a co-host i've got a brand new pair of >> oh, my gosh, is that who i think it is. >> hi.
8:49 am
unbreakable jimmy schmitz >> and back wards. >> janiakowski is thea woman who knows how to make an entrance. >> why the brand new key" by melanie. this is actually happening, this is the jane loves willie hour. >> yes it is. >> brace yourselves. >> clearly i'll be top nbc brass is away and never would have let this hour happen together. >> started the morning off quite in style out of roller skates. >> came out of vintage cross. >> will they be here. >> you know jane, of course, in "unbreakable jimmy schmitz". >> yes, so excited for everybody to see it when it comes out sometimes in the spring and so amazing. had the pleasure of you coming
8:50 am
>> that show isn't so funny. >> go on netflix and every seen and i felt that way on "thirty rock." >> that's so nice of you. >> also miss jane returning to broadway in "she loves me" which musical. >> i'm not sure of the original date but it is a revival, and i'm so excited to return to broadway. it's been a few years. >> yes. >> and i'm thrilled to be coming back and sort of my theater family here on broadway and they are celebrating their 15th anniversary so it's an honor to come back to one their productions. >> for people who don't know about jane krakowski, you've got the emmy going, grammy, we know you can sing, oscars, headed that direction and you've got the tony. >> i only have a "t." >> i've got a lot of letters to go.
8:51 am
on "30 rock" and elaine on "ally mcpeel" and later you auditions for another classic role. did you audition to be rachel on "friends." >> i did and this story went further than i ever expected. you're on the hot seat on a red carpet, answer the question quickly, and i -- and i did actually audition for "friends." i can't get very far. i literally had one or two auditions. never really up for the role of rachel. sort of went a little too far and people have been aghast that i may have ruined it. >> we're going with the original story, that you were this close and aniston stepped in and i think i have a picture of you for your audition, right, right. >> i love it. >> what could have been. that could have worked -- >> i could have bought nbc with the milk shake. >> that's hilarious. >> so now we know all these roles about jane krakowski, all these famous roles, but we want
8:52 am
classics, some of perhaps your lesser known works. >> oh, dear. >> in the movies we know you were cousin vicky in "vacation." >> that's true. >> did you know that on tv you played in the soap on are a "search for tomorrow." >> oh, no, no, no. >> "search for tomorrow" as t.r. >> here we go. to do? what am i going to do? >> oh, t.r. >> wow. >> it's amazing i continued to get work in show business, a, and that -- that -- clearly from that scene, that soap opera was cancelled right after that. >> immediately. >> we call it the krakowski effect. >> do you remember what was happening in that scene? you were speaking to a bunny, it would appear. >> i think my character had run away and join the circus because hi found out i was -- my character's name was p.r. >> yes.
8:53 am
>> because they couldn't think of a name for her and it was the runaway. >> it was t.r. for the runaway. >> t.r., wow. this one i didn't know until yesterday. the babysitter was played in "fatal attraction" by jane krakowski. >> worse than flashback. >> oh, my goodness. >> tell me about this role. what's going on here. what have we got? >> that was actually my 19th birthdts when i filmed that scene. >> really. >> and i had a few other scenes in the movie which were cut out and i got a lovely letter from the director saying we're see sorry that you were cut out and it became a classic film of all >> you got your little shot in the there, did have a great scene with michael douglas where he was flirting with the babysitter but it made him look too guilty and that's allegedry why -- >> too much foreshadowing. vault. >> commercial work for miss krakowski. you remember the game solar fox for atari.
8:54 am
>> oh, my goodness. how early is this in the career? >> talking about probably 14 or 15 years old. you're seeing my puberty right on film, wow. you can see the braces i have. they kicked in a little bit later. >> this is fun for me. i don't know how you're doing. >> we've done tv and the movies and commercial work and also jane has been in music videos. >> am i going to die? is this the end of my life? >> the year is -- >> good-bye, america. >> the year is 2000, a starring role in kind of a dark video as it turnsous, the dixie chicks "good-bye earl." >> watch. wrapped up in that car >> a song about murdering your husband.
8:55 am
daddy, kiss the bus, murdered my husband in a dixie chicks video. >> there's a darkness there. that concludes krakowski klassics. >> thank you, thank you. >> there you are, t.r. >> are so so -- thank you, guys. >> t.r., never felt so welcome at end of my career so strongly. >> here's now have thing about you. you're from new jersey. i'm from new jersey. >> yes. >> i think that's why there's like a thing they can, an unspoken thick. >> it would have to be unspoken. soon. we'll play trivia and let's start with the most important question you could ask to anyone from jersey. >> that's like sophie's choice.
8:56 am
>> i'm going to be with springsteen. happy with that. the day. >> roll the clip. roll it. >> and he'll never work with me again because i did pick him, right? >> your next question, miss new jersey, in our jersey fresh quiz, greater hoboken product, frank sinatra or the cake boss. >> well, do you want to answer this one in. >> the cake boss, yeah. no matter occasion, the cake boss is there. here's another one. tom cruise is a jersey guy. which of these classic film lines is your favorite, show me the money or i feel the need, the need for speed. good. >> i'm going to go i feel the need, the need for speed. >> totally with you on that one. >> i'm a big "top gun" guy. got to go with mav on that one. >> i think this is now our final question, jane krakowski. >> rank these new jersey icons in the order of historical ready.
8:57 am
>> meryl streep, martha stewart and the wizard of menlo park, thomas alva edison. >> what's the scale that we're ranking them on of popularity, contribution to the world? >> theoretically contribution to the world. >> okay. >> so martha stewart. >> martha stewart. >> martha stewart wins again. and that has been jersey fresh. hall in honolulu on that crazy rokerthon tour checking off the first of all 50 states in this epic adventure. he's covered already almost 5,000 miles. al, we miss you and you're doing a good job already. >> i miss both of you, and let me go back to your last thing. you know i love martha stewart, love, love, love, love her. handmade soap versus the electric light bulb? >> real. we were going for comedic effect. >> stewart above thomas alva.
8:58 am
>> work with us, al. >> i take these things seriously that you guys say. anyway, hey, rokerthon, there you go, so here's the deal. last year we, of course, did the 34 hours live streaming and live weathercast. this year we are going to go to all 50 states in one week doing weather both live and live streaming, and we intend to cover this great country doing the weather. tomorrow we're in anchorage, alaska and then on sunday we're in the northwest. we're in washington state, california. we're just getting everywhere and then we make our way across country ending next friday in the plaza. meantime we're here in hawaii at the royal hawaiian, and, boy, i tell you. the weather -- this is about as good as it's going to get though i know your weather back in new york, guys, is going to be pretty darn good. here eat weather for you as we
8:59 am
do take a look, as aloha plays in the background. we are looking for chillier weather in the west behind front that's causing all these approximate, but then ahead of the front we've got some record-setting temperatures, temperatures getting into the mid-to upper 70s and then the front pushes through. by saturday we get back to normal and by sunday things are cooler than usual.
9:00 am
waving good >> and that is your latest weather. you guys are a great team, boy. i've got to tell you. you don't need the rest of us. >> no. a we need you back, buddy. >> we do, we do. this is never airing, right? this is not airing. >> this has been a great rehearsal. >> 50 states in one week, like my love life in my 20s. >> ah, wow, bam. >> bam. >> jane krakowski, ladies and gentlemen. >> t.r. kendall, ladies and gentlemen. she's incredible. al, we'll talk to you in a little bit. >> going to end in the plaza, end in the plaza next week. >> i don't even know what that means. >> you will. >> one of jane's co-stars from "30 rock," james franco, the
9:01 am
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9:03 am
give extra. get extra. james franco, oscar-nominated actor, director, screenwriter, producer, musician, author and winner of the 1987 nobel peace prize in physics. >> you can catch him in the film version of "the found and the fury" which james wrote, directed and starred in. >> okay. james, good to see you, man. >> thank you. good to see you. >> did we get it all? did we get it all in. >> i think. >> and did we say all-around good guy. >> i think you said co-star on "30 rock." >> a lot to talk about in your
9:04 am
career and everyone wants to know what it's like to work with me. >> our characters almost had a thing. >> and then she swooped in. >> i fell in love with a body pillow which i have still. i kept, that yeah. >> the one thing you kept from the set. not my phone number, but that's okay. >> sounds like a "30 rock" plot. >> let's talk about this play. what drew you to faulkner and "sound of the fury." >> literature has been a huge part of my life. i've been to a lot of schools, and i'm a literature major, and so when i started directing my own movies i started bringing those two worlds together, so this is actually the second faulkner book that i've adapted, and, you know, a lot of people have said this is an unadaptable novel. written in sort of a very dense opaque way, but for me that was part of the challenge, to try to take on that style and have it
9:05 am
wouldn't normally do as a director. >> good for you. and i think mazel tov is in order, is it a correct in. >> yes. i had my bar mitzvah. i am -- my mother's jewish and i'm technically jewish, and -- i was never bar mitzvahed when i was young so it was something that i always talked about with friends that one day, you know, when the school was done or when i had a break i would, you know, prepare for my bar mitzvah and i would have it and then seth rogen sort of just pushed me into it and said why don't we do it and we'll do it for charity, his cause hilarity for charity that fights alzheimer's >> you raised so much money. that's fantastic. >> you're good at these things. you take the roast, the bar mitzvah, do you like that, people coming at you a little bit? >> i guess i don't mind using my public persona or my personality for, you know, comedic purposes. >> yes.
9:06 am
>> you are good about that. >> just talking about your aol show "making a scene." explain the scenes, mash-up scenes. >> yes. this is our second season. it's -- the idea was to recreate either scenes from movies. in the first season we did movies and now this season we're doing television shows. the other thing about it that i really like is that there's two elements that are out of our control. we don't choose the shows. we let people online choose the shows and then we put all the shows that have been chessen on a big wheel and we spin a wheel, a sometimes we'll wash two shows up, "sex in the city" and "breaking bad" or "freaks and geeks" and "saved by the bell" so we don't decide those things. that's sort of out of our creative control and once we're given those elements we have to make sense of it. >> right. >> first we thought it would be really weird, you know, and after the first season we realized it was actually really
9:07 am
funny, and the other great thing about it is people pick, you know, there's most of the show is i love also some an whatever, but we get is to sort of re-enter those world and in a very fun way i kind of get to revisit all my television shots? is it impromptu on the spot? do you write those? >> no. i'm a teacher in l.a. at usc in cal arts so a lot of the first drafts are written by my graduate students. >> oh. >> and then some of the write efforts, at "snl," mikey day and some others rewrite them. >> yeah. >> and then on the set there's one more kind of pros etz offism vasing it. >> so funny. check them out on aol. from faulkner to mashups and
9:08 am
>> this is released on dvd and, again, check out his show on although. good to see you, my man. >> nice to see you. coming up next, the burning questions from our how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets to shoot the juiciness into every starburst. [ pilot ] it's about to get juicy. whoo! i feel so aliii... it takes guts.
9:09 am
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9:11 am
we're back with jane krakowski and nigella lawson will be cooking with us later and sara bareilles is here to play a quick game of celebrity fishbowl. game is easy, reach in one by one and read the question. >> page from connecticut what, song are you most embarrassed for liking? >> guilty pleasure, jane. >> who gets to go first. >> it's you. >> it's me. >> gosh, my most embarrassed liking. has to be a good one. ed with the roller skating team was "xanadu."
9:12 am
>> i was going to say that. i love that song. >> in you go. >> yes. >> okay. kim from burlington. as a child were you ever sent to the principal's office and why? >> several times, several times, and i was sent out of the school library for eating cheesecake with a ruler. >> with a ruler. >> with a ruler. >> and i -- i was monitored which meant at lunch time i had to have my strikes torn off for uing it as a weapon. >> the best edition of celebrity fishbowl. >> sara. >> when is last time you rode the subway from russ in south bend, indiana. two days ago. >> metro card owner. >> absolutely. >> the sara bareilles. >> one of the people.
9:13 am
a little more music and nigella here to cook with us and jane here for the whole show. >> and [ barks ] come on. wait. welcome to the annual lighting of the tree. let the holidays begin! [ crowd gasps ] oh that is not good! a bulb has gone out. who will go on the perilous journey to replace it? we will! crowd: huh? we will? yeah! shell ya' later
9:14 am
the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics,
9:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. taking a look at the headlines, health officials say nearly half of american moms gain too much weight during pregnancy. according to the centers for
9:16 am
disease control and prevention, gaining too much weight can lead to obesity and other health problems for mom and baby. the recommended weight gain is 25 to 35 pounds. dads should get involved in childrens' bedtime stories. kid who are read to by dads have bettering language skills. the head of the study says fathers use more abstract language. moms tend to focus on details in the book itself often asking kids to name objects. and just in time for the holiday shopping season, this year's national toy hall of fame induck tees have been announced. the puppet. it's simple and requires only an imagination to operate. also the game twister. and the final one, the super soaker. al, there you go, in the toy hall of fame.
9:17 am
i was a vin tril kwis as a kid. >> really? >> reporter: yes, i was. nobody could tell who the dummy was. in any event, let's take a look, we're on the rokerthon. we're starting off tomorrow in anchorage, alaska. let's show you what our weather is like for alaska tomorrow. some places getting a mix of rain and snow. we're going to be watching that as well. as far as your weekend outlook is concerned, wet weather from the southeastern atlantic states into the gulf coast. same in the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, sunshine in the northeast, new england, great lakes where it will be fairly windy two days in a row. northwest with mountain snows
9:18 am
>> reporter: all right. that's your latest weather. just about getting ready to pack up here at the royal hawaiian. tomorrow, anchorage, alaska. you can get our itinerary at >> nice job today. we'll see you tomorrow. back here in new york, you know him as roger sterling on madmen. now he's starring at newspaper "spotlight".
9:19 am
journalists who work tirelessly to expose the children of scandal. >> we need to focus on the institution, not the individual priests. practice and policy. show me the church manipulated the system. show me they put those same priests back into parishes time and time again. show me this was systemic. that it came from the top down. >> john, good morning. >> good morning. >> first of all, that cast as you pan around the table. it's an amazing group. we're just talking about this, this is a story, 2002 i think the investigation was. >> 2001. >> 2001 into two. it's a story that a lot of us are familiar with. yet this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat. >> yeah, they really turned this into a thriller. chasing down the story, watching these journalists go to great lengths despite the resistance from the church and city
9:20 am
government to uncover this scandal. >> i loved the movie so much. we both got to see it before interviewing you today. working with all of those actors, it felt to me a bit like such great ensemble work of even like a play. you're all of such great acting talent. but you all were on the same page and it was so well done. >> thank you. i think we were all playing real people that we've all met. and ben bradley jr. couldn't have been more helpful to me. rather than do some sort of physical approximation, we were all trying to recreate that person's contribution to the story. you know, we were all playing people serving that story. and that made it very interesting. >> the real people throughout, did you all get to meet them? >> yeah, we all did. we all had extensive meetings and contact with them.
9:21 am
ben couldn't have been more generous. i had lunch with him the next day. he just opened up his whole life, personal, professionals, answered every dumb question that i had. we became friends. they all came to the set. they're all sort of consulting about, you know, helping us with accuracy and tone in the room and what would happen in various meetings. it was very well vetted by tom and josh, josh singer who wrote the script with tommy. they were very careful to make sure throughout the screening -- test screening process, is this the way this would have happened, is this the way, you know, the way the story was told. >> can you speak to the obstacles this group of journalists faced as they took on -- not just america but in the world. >> in the catholic church, boston is the largest catholic arch diocese in the country.
9:22 am
the time was i think 50% catholic. they didn't have -- there's a line in the film that says, this story needed spotlight, which is long-term investigative journalistic team. they uncovered documents proving that cardinal law knew about particularly this father and was taking him out of one parish and moving him to another. that was when the story gained the systemic, you know, proportion. but they had great resistance. if it takes a -- there's a line, if it takes a -- well, i don't know. i'm going to mess it up. the police, the city government, the -- you know, people knew. >> yeah. >> i think you should be gearing up for award season. i think you're all going to be there. such an incredible film. >> totally riveting. i have to ask you this most
9:23 am
important piece of business this morning. fox. you don't like the silver fox thing. you have a preferred name. is that true? >> a preferred name? >> nickname. instead of silver fox. >> i don't know. >> the male version of cougar. mougar, did you not say that? >> i've never even heard of that. >> this is totally made up. i guess some people are calling you a mougar. glad i laid that one on the desk. thanks so much. "spotlight" in theaters today. up next, we learn how to make the best mac and cheese ever. right after this. earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card.
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>> this morning on "today food" we're helping to get ready for the ultimate thanksgiving. >> and who better to help us with that ultimate american holiday than a british cooking legend. >> good idea. >> nigella lawson is author, food tv personality who has gathered tasty easy-to-prepare recipes for her tenth cook book called "simply nigella feel good food." >> you said that very beautifully. >> thank you very kindly. >> this is sweet potato mac and cheese. >> you don't need to dhoen straight dealing the sweet potato. edp a night. >> cut them into little cubes so they take about ten minutes to cook and this is called a spider. >> i love it. >> i'm taking these out. >> okay. >> would you like to continue with the boys work. >> i know nothing about cooking but you make it so sensual. >> yeah. >> like cooking porn kind of that makes me want to cook.
9:29 am
>> fantastic. >> you make cooking so sensual. >> that's a good thing. >> i keep keep water and keep the pasta in there. why add it and this is the butter and add the flour, like the basis of a white sauce like a beschemel. >> i don't think you would use sweet potatoes in a mac and cheese. >> part of it is i like the color me pun and the original make it looks like it's out of a box but it's the earthy goodness of a sweet potato. >> a natural color. >> so two cups of milk. i'm going to stir this in and get the lumps out. >> jane, very nice. >> is the point of just reusing the boiled water just because it's already heated up or do you want the flavors? >> i want flavors, but why wash up more than you need to? >> agreed. >> i'm going to get rid of this
9:30 am
and because of the magic of there. so now this is the sauce by some miracle it's thickened. you cook it until it's thickened. you taste it because you don't want a floury affair. >> taste it. >> kind of like -- >> what does he think i am? i eat. the one thing you don't need to worry about me. add some mustard. some paprika. i'm not going to add salt now because the cheeses are quite salty and i'll taste later. >> and the what are the cheeses? >> because i like balance totally in the kitchen and out of it and the potatoes are sweet so i go for salty feta and there's cheddar. >> never had it with feta. seems like a nice balance. >> it is. >> and if you want to you can use blue cheese.
9:31 am
it's good for all generations and maybe blew cheese isn't. >> i'm going to carry on. >> match these by the way but i'm too busy talking. that has happened to me before. >> barb them with a fork so i would too busy talking. >> and then this goes in here. i don't know if you're panicking about time and stop like that. >> we're going to go in a second. >> and if you do this i'll toss it for you. >> trying to look at panic in people's eyes. >> look at gorgeous end product. it's gorgeous, nigella. the recipe is at up next ready for a big game or a big game before the big game. we go tailgating in style and maybe with some fancy mac and not yet. not yet. not yet! not yet.
9:32 am
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fall and football go together, let's be clear and gives us a nice excuse to throw a party. >> and for a lot of folks tailgating is just as important as guam. in fact, you don't have to be a sports fan to throw a fabulous fall soiree outdoors. >> jackie post is a contributing style editor for and in style. good to see you. >> good to see you, guys. >> tailgating. go team. >> go team. >> let's dive right in. >> do it. >> show you how we took a plastic table that you throw in the trunk and make a vintage-inspired varsity table. >> okay. >> so here we have a great banquet and we just use these letters and numbers and just glued them on a piece of felt,
9:37 am
amazing table cloth and we've made fun little pennants out of felt. your guests can take them to the game, rah, rah, a great little souvenir and now food major with the tailgate. >> that would be the key. >> we love to keep it simple so sandwiches and soup and an interesting way to serve it, serve it on a little wood cutting board and anything you put on a wood cutting board suddenly looks gourmet. >> i'm already serving myself. >> and soup, the easiest way in the world to serve your soup is in thermoses, pour them in a mug, not a utensil on this table to keep it easy and with the retro vibe the menu board. >> love it. >> let's go to our living room over here and you guys, willie, inflatable sofa. >> okay. >> i love it. >> it's all about inflatables. >> this probably looks like your bachelor pad, willie. >> it is, yeah, yeah. >> so if you look at this. this is an inflatable sofa, and
9:38 am
you can use an inflatable mattress, even inflatable, you know, pool lounger. the trick is to camouflage it with amazing plaid blankets. >> here's the question. >> after a plate of nachos will that still be inflated? >> it sure will, but your guests will never want to leave. >> this is gorgeous. >> side chairs, amped them up and gave them an up date with faux fur throw. >> and port and bar for the grown-ups. >> got to have that. >> tv tray table. >> and for the kids borrow one of their wagons, a portable drink dispensary with fun little mason jars. >> like to see jane in the director's chair with her name in cursive on the back. >> absolutely. >> i love it. >> always appreciate it the. >> thanks so much, jane. >> we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much
9:39 am
this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. if you think there's no solution to the climate crisis, think again.
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enough power for over a million homes, reducing our dependence on foreign oil d supporting six thousand jobs. i'm tom steyer. with bold leadership and an endless supply of wind and sun, we can do that across america. the goal is 50% clean energy by 2030.
9:41 am
dylan is here, marveling at your roller skating skills and we realize what it is, we're all from new jersey. >> every girl from new jersey knows how to roller skate. >> every birthday party. >> thanks so much for being here. >> loved being here. >> she is the best? dylan, what's coming up this weekend >> you know how annoying your smartphone can be. sometimes you want to turn it off. there is a town in west virginia it is ilheel to use your cell phone, illegal to use wi-fi. >> what? >> and people are loving it and
9:42 am
>> so we'll break tan audit reveals a former state worker was overpaid and under qualified... it concerns a former lawyer for the "department of administrative services." ryan lamb left the job last year... after a scandal involving hush money given to employees with grievances. the report shows lamb pocketed about 22 thousand dollars more than he should have... it also shows he didn't meet the experience requirements for
9:43 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee
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